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The everlasting human touch-that goes with and lives beyond the four walls of our classrooms and schools.

In today’s fast-paced world when our students have become nothing less than information imbibing and information deriving machines, I feel the most difficult challenge for me as a teacher is to give them a pinch of humanity, the first and the last lesson I wish to teach them is:
TO BE HUMANS of CONSCIENCE – caring & compassionate…

I was in grade five studying in my boarding school. That year, our school had planned to form the Social Service Group. All were invited to volunteer. The girls then, had a number of questions about the credits and certificates that they might get after joining the group. The answer was that we get none as it was social service. I was a mute watcher. My teacher Mrs. Sunita Dixit asked me with her hand on my shoulder, “What do you think about this?” I said, “Ma’am…” She said, “Try to be, you will feel good.”

And, I did do. It was overwhelming to be a part of the social service group, to help my fellow mates with academics, assist my teachers and I still remember, we collected charity for the earthquake victims who were sheltered on the outskirts of the city. When I saw them- I was moved, when I rendered a helping hand- I was touched, I felt human…

I cannot ever, in words, thank my teacher for the human touch she had sparked in me with her words, so few.

Today, the world is running a race. It has gone mechanical and our students have become machines. They are fed with facts and figures and are loaded with IQ. They are tested for IQ. But, what about EQ? Is it not equally essential? The almighty has carefully culled and intricately woven the fine and finer fabrics of IQ and EQ in our human brains. What a wonder it would be if they are both nurtured! It would be a spectacle to watch both IQ and EQ interact much like the strands of a rope and help our students live life fully like humans and come out with sensible opinions in the moments when logical reasoning turns futile. It is a moment when they can rely on their quality and blessing of being humans.

I feel, today, the biggest challenge for me is to impart this human touch to my students. Yes, I strive to and do see that spark kindled in a few. At times I feel, I cannot step into their shoes, not all of them as each one is different and has a different story. Each child is unique, and can contribute to the planet in his/her own unique way. What worked for me, may not work for all my students. What worked twenty years back, may not work today. How can I, as a teacher, spark humanity in all my students?

I pray that my students are made humane to feel what is felt when someone falls or fails, to touch when a fellow being is torn, with their hands of care and hearts filled with compassion. To let every entity on this planet, feel this glorious human touch their everlasting human touch…