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COVID-19 Resources and Recomendations Shared by Educators from our Global Community
By Giulio D'Ercole
Mar 2nd, 2017

“Being a refugee does not mean your arms or legs were cut off, or that your brain was taken out of your head. Acquiring knowledge is important because the scriptures say that knowledge is wealth.” Musa is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Kampala, Uganda. He studies carpentry skills at the JRS vocational centre. He is rebuilding his life through #education.

The decades-long conflicts in the Kivu region in DRC have resulted in more than 1.4 million internally displaced persons and #refugees.

The #JRS #MercyinMotion campaign aims to provide 240,000 refugee children and youth with access to education by the year 2020. The campaign was launched on 8 December 2015 with the Holy Year of Mercy.

To learn more about the JRS Global Education Initiative click here. 

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