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By Karina Zapata-Roche
Feb 22nd, 2017

Canada, The United States, Ecuador and Spain are some of the countries that have implemented the Red Chair Project so far.

With creative ideas and resources, the executions have led to wonderful results. Here are some teachers who have shared their experiences after working with their students on The Red Chair Project. 
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1. St John´s Jesuit in Toledo, Ohio.

Teacher experience:

St. John’s Jesuit in Toledo, Ohio here! I just wanted to share our experience with el Proyecto de la Silla Roja.

For the past few months we have been leaving a single red chair in locations frequented by St. John’s students- the cafeteria, athletic events, hallways, etc. to get them talking. Last week we hung signs all over the walls depicting the red chair with questions such as “What is the red chair?” and “Why should you help?” in different languages.

This week we brought in a giant blow-up chair (attached photo) and set it out in the cafeteria. We played a video informing students of la silla roja and it seemed to make an impact. Such a great initiative to raise awareness- can’t wait to see more in March!” by Mallory Cabrera.Red Chair Ohio

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2. UE Javier, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Teacher experience:

Hello we implemented the project at UE Javier by putting a Red Chair inside and outside the classrooms. The students wondered why those chairs were there, what their purpose was, why a chair, and why is it red.  The topic was developed with all the students. This project was implemented by the DECE department (Department of Student Counselling). The students shared and explained the purpose of the Red Chair project to their parents.” By Valeria Alcivar Gonzales.Red Chair Ecuador

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3. Colegio Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo, Madrid, España.

Teacher experience:

At the Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo School in Madrid, Spain we have gathered all the chairs that were painted by Álvaro de Pablo and his students. We have one in each classroom, one in the chapel and in one the oratory. A group of students of 6th class in Primary school will move them around to other classrooms every Friday afternoon. Moreover, a group of children from 3rd year, together with their tutor Charo Climent, have covered The Red Chair with their names to represent another child that does not have  access to education.” By Paloma Cordeiro.

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Are you currently executing the Red Chair Project at your school?

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