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St. Lawrence High School organized a Maths Olympiad Seminar on 15.09.2017. The Maths Olympiad Seminar held at St. Lawrence High School involved and focused primarily on the average learner and the “backbencher” in the classroom, which was very unique.

There were two categories:

  1. General Category – For any student interested in mathematics

  2. Star Category – For students who got less than 40% in Mathematics

Eleven reputed schools participated in the Olympiad where two categories of students were sent. This is the first time any school had conducted a Maths Olympiad for students who got less than 40% in Maths who in turn showcased and presented Maths concepts to a large audience with utmost confidence.

It is worthwhile to mention that this was the unique idea of the Principal Fr. Sebastian James and the teachers of St. Lawrence High School. The programme was a grand success where for the first time the “backbenchers” found themselves to be forerunners amidst a large audience.