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By Giulio D'Ercole
Jan 19th, 2017

Over the last 25 years, the Eritrean government has indefinitely and forcibly conscribed upwards of 400,000 Eritreans into the military. Many young boys and entire families have decided to flee the country looking for a better and safer future. Many of them live in the refugee camps in Ethiopia.

Luwam is one of them. She left behind her friends, her school, her home, her dance group and her beloved grandmother, but there was one thing she did not lose: the opportunity to share her love of dance. She is now a dancer living in a refugee camp in #Ethiopia. She is teaching traditional dances at the JRS centre, trying to preserve her people’s culture in exile.

The #JRS #MercyinMotion campaign aims to provide 240,000 refugee children and youth with access to education by the year 2020. The campaign was launched on 8 December 2015 with the Holy Year of Mercy.

To learn more about the JRS Global Education Initiative click here. 

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