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By Pete Henriot SJ
Apr 2nd, 2018

These faces of our LJSS learners pictured here are especially smiling on the many generous friends whose donations, large and small, are making possible a good Jesuit education to prepare them for the future in their beautiful country.

Currently there are 324 learners in Form One through Form Three (Grades 9, 10, 11), with good gender balance of 165 girls and 159 boys.  We hope we can keep that good balance as we move to enroll our fourth intake in September 2018.  God willing, we will celebrate our first graduation in July 2019!  Please keep us in thoughts and prayers, and possible contributions.

Songs of praise and songs of thanks

Girls cheer new campus for new education

Volleyball for girls’ championships

Boys dance in appreciation of a brighter future

Prayers offered for all our LJSS friends

Loyola Learners very happy about their opportunities