Napoleon Hill rightly quoted-

Initiative is as essential to success as a hub is essential to a wagon wheel.”

It’s euphoric to witness the magic of beginnings, initiatives…A new chapter, a new phase to add to the adventure of this wonderful journey of school life. To strong intellectual heartbeats, we endeavour to entwine beats and rhythms of passion. Passions are the rudders & sails of our seafaring souls and we strive to celebrate the passion innate in every student of our school.

Taking a step in this direction, we sprinkled some MOJO into the calendar cubes of our school, St. Xavier’s, Nevta.

The mundane Mondays that stretched till Saturdays were all metamorphosed into FUN DAYS for the children of our school. It was freedom from the tedious time-tables and setting in of happy hours to hone the skills of our students who travel to this far end of the city to Xavier’s, Nevta – a thriving lush campus that reverberates with the songs of peacocks, myriad bird life, drones and airplanes and sometimes with the distant sounds of the horses’ hooves.

We, thus introduced ‘LSEC- LIFE SKILLS ENHANCEMENT CAMP’ under the visionary guardianship of our School Principal, Rev. Fr. John Ravi S.J. It is a 10-day long camp first introduced in the academic year 2016-17 after the final examination in the month of March.

LSEC is a kaleidoscope of opportunities to teach life skills that are essential for productive, symphonic and happy lives. It houses classes, courses, sports, games and loads of other activities tailored for specific age groups that captivates the interest of the students and heightens the success of our efforts. From Arts to Sports; Reading to Writing; Singing to Dancing; Debates to Meditation; Mime to Drama; Computers to Astronomy; Science to Literature; Theatre to Photography; Nature to Robotics, LSEC lets our students dive into an ocean of opportunities and discover their own, individual passions.

During the days of LSEC, the Campus is astonishingly astir…

Pearls of sweat on the grounds, fixed eyes to target the ball into the hoop, determined hearts- fixed of purpose, team-work and team-spirit, trust and companionship, hands coloured to colour their canvas, amateur sculptors with mud beautifying their faces, movements of passion and expression, melodious voices singing merrily- melodies and parodies, occupied beings with pens in hands, geniuses busy to go beyond the known are some of the  innumerable sights seen during the course of the camp that add joy to the viewer’s heart and soul. At LSEC failures are celebrated and analysed, problems become puzzles, obstacles disappear, there is emergence of deep insights and amazing new approaches and our students know that success is not in succeeding but in the doing.

I happened to approach a little one who was busy with her clay… I asked, “What are you making?” “GOD”, she said. I said, “I have no idea how God exactly looks like…” And she said, “I’m almost done. Wait, I’ll show you.”

Such are the wings that imagination takes when children have love for their passion, faith in their capabilities and hope in their success. Life is not linear but organic, we create our lives symbiotically… explore our talents… And Personalizing Education for the children is the best investment for the Future.

We see – Our children have gotten faster, better and stronger. They have learnt to think and act in myriad ways and follow fearlessly untired directions. We see them brighter, brilliant and empowered to navigate the dynamics of their living.

We may not see the future the way our children do… But our work is to make them better beings, to empower them to make something out of it.

Every child is unique, is blessed and gifted with natural gifts that sometimes lie hidden deep inside, by living the days of ‘LSEC’ we only endeavour to empower our children to DIG THEM OUT…