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Pascal Calu SJ, Ignatian Year Media Coordinator, shares some key events which will take place during this Ignatian Year on a global level, as well as important resources, and a few examples of some local events and projects.

The Ignatian Year, commemorating the 500th anniversary of Ignatius’ conversion after the wound he incurred at Pamplona will start on 20 May 2021 and end on 31 July 2022, the feast day of St. Ignatius. (available from May 20th ) tells you more of the story!

The major events during this Ignatian Year on a global level will be:

· 11th May 2021: book by Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ. Walking with Ignatius

· 20 May 2021: official opening of the Ignatian Year in Pamplona, Spain. Fr. General will celebrate Mass at the Cathedral (livestream 6pm CET:

· 23 May 2021: Pilgrims with Ignatius. Online global prayer to start the Ignatian Year:

· 12 March 2022: 400th anniversary of the canonisation of St. Ignatius, St. Francis Xavier, St. Teresa of Jesus, St. Isidore Labrador, and St. Philip Neri. Central moment in the Ignatian Year with amongst others a Mass at the Gesù Church in Rome.

· 31 July 2022: official closing of the Ignatian Year on the Feast day of St. Ignatius

Important resources and projects for the Ignatian Year

· Global website:

· Fr. General’s book Walking with Ignatius, published on the occasion of the Ignatian Year

· Cannonball project: series of videos of people sharing a moment of conversion in their lives

· Special animation videos for high schools about the life and impact of St. Ignatius, in English, French, and Spanish.

· Smartphone app to visit Ignatian places (to be launched in 2022)

· Images and logos to be found at:


Local events and projects are too numerous to mention. A few examples:

· Many academic conferences are being organised in different places in the world on Ignatian spirituality and conversion.

· Germany: A multilingual documentary on Ignatius and his spirituality, called Ignatius the Godseeker.

· In North America an Ignatian storytelling initiative is launched entitled In the Pilgrim’s Company. It is open to all English-language contributions.

· In France, in Marseille, a major gathering of the Ignatian family is organised in November 2021.

· Hungary: An Ignatian board game is being developed in several languages to learn in a fun way about the history of the Jesuits and to have an experience of community.

· Latin America: A series of 31 prayer guides is being developed with audio-visual capsules to spread on social media. Every two months there will be a joint prayer online for all in Latin America.

· African conference: Photo competition for young Jesuits to capture the various aspects of the mission of the Society of Jesus in Africa and Madagascar. A way to try and see all things new in Christ.

· CVX-CLC: the lay Ignatian movement is organising a world meeting of youth in July 2021 in the theme of the Ignatian Year.


For more information please contact Pascal Calu SJ, Ignatian Year Media Coordinator,