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By Anthony Mifsud
Mar 25th, 2020

For this Lent at St Aloysius’ College, Primary School in Malta, we had planned to reflect on the El Salvador Cross with the theme: “The El Salvador Cross, Our Cross!” After a reflection at school during Assembly we asked the children to create their own cross. The day we had to leave school because of the COVID-19 pandemic we took photos of the crosses we had received and since then we receive crosses via email as the children create them from home.

We united the yearly theme of  ‘Journeying Together’ with this specific lent reflection. The Lord blessed us with a lot of hope and inspiration so providential during this time. Thanks to the children. We are also proposing every day … 25 days to Easter a cross and a small task to do. In this way we are feeling that we are journeying together. Also roping in the parents in all this.

Here are some crosses created by students from their homes. To see more crosses please click here.