We are happy to invite a team of students of your school to take part of the international student meeting “The Jesuits and History”, 35th edition, that this year will take place in Palermo, at Istituto Gonzaga, from May 3 through 5, 2018. This edition of the meeting is titled: “The Jesuits and Immigrants”.

The International Conference ‘The Jesuits and History’ was conceived by Father Giuseppe Patti S.J. in Palermo in 1973 and it has now reached its 34th year. It is a realization of the international dimension of the Society of Jesus and also of the Network involving Jesuit and  Ignatian schools. 

The aim of these international conventions which are organised by the schools is to promote the knowledge of the Society of Jesus with the help of people who offer their own belongings (that is houses, means, …..) and themselves to others, at a time when the Jesuits are assuming a greater historical importance in the educational sector.

The event has a double natured service which is existential and at the same time gives the opportunity for historical scientific research. In the world of anonymity young people will be are offered the possibility to encounter role models within the Society of Jesus. Furthermore, it involves the whole school that is hosting the event. The school administration, the teaching and non-teaching staff, the students and their families all participate.

It is addressed to the best 17 year old students and through these to their classes.

The conference is based on the contribution of the students’ presentations. The representatives of each college, an average of four to six participants, offer a 15-minute presentation with special focus on the theme chosen by the host school and developed according to their own national history. The language used is English.

The participating students are hosted by the families of the institute where the conference takes place according to a suitable rotation rate.

During the second night of the conference a family-prepared fraternal agape is offered. This would render the possibility of the groups to mix together and to involve their families as well.

During the conference there will be alternating times of cultural presentations when visiting significant aspects of the city. There will also be moments of recreation and most important of all time for faith sharing.

All experiences have always been very positive and enriching for the students, because all the preparatory work involved, enables them to acquire a method of study and research, to solicit creative skills and to be able to coordinate themselves and to confront each other. 

21 volumes of acts have been produced on paper and on multimedia.

The Colleges of Palermo, Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples, Messina, Scutari (Albania) and Malta have already participated.

It is worth noting that the general level of Conventions reached so far has been very good, thought provoking and long lasting. 

How to participate:

Create a team of four outperforming students born in the year 2000 or 2001, plus one chaperon (possibly a teacher of History or Philosophy or Humanities). The teacher is the team leader and must take care of remote research and training of his/her team for the meeting. The team will have to design e deliver a 15 min. multimedia presentation (we will be strict on the duration of presentations, maximum 15 minutes no exceptions), in English. This presentation will have a title, and will “cut” the subject of the meeting through a specific focus, related to the research’s evidences.

Students will be hosted by Gonzaga’s families. Chaperons will be hosted either in the local Jesuit community or in lodges in Palermo. We will take care of accommodation, food and every expense for the team during the stay in Palermo, whereas your school will have to take care of travel expenses. There is no enrollment fee.

What we ask you:

1) tell us if your school will participate.
2) indicate us name and email address of the teacher-leader, who will also be the chaperon. Further communication will be with him/her.

Please respond on or before October 15, by emailing Mrs. Anna Sireci, sireci.anna@gonzagapalermo.it

For more information about this meeting and its long history, please check the meeting’s website: https://sites.google.com/site/gesuitiestoria/

Fr Vitangelo Denora SJ, President of the Jesuit Education Foundation of the Euro Mediterranean Province, and I, Josephine Vassallo, responsible for the International Dimension within the Foundation would like to invite you to participate in the 35th edition of the International Meeting of ‘The Jesuits and History’. Kindly reply to the organiser of the event, Mrs Anna Sireci (sireci.anna@gonzagapalermo.it) by not later than Friday 24 November 2017.

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