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Dec 8th, 2020

The Integrated Perspective Infographic is a resource for assisting Ignatian educators and school leaders in their efforts for developing an integrated perspective in the life of their schools and their daily work. 

We have good news for the schools. The Secretariat for Education, in collaboration with Educate Magis, has created an Integrated Perspective Infographic to help us see how some of the recent documents and decisions of the Society are all guiding us and pointing us in the same direction: a more integrated service of the current Mission of the Society of Jesus, as part of our ongoing discernment”.

These were the words of Fr. Jose Mesa, S.J., Secretary for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education of the Society of Jesus, to describe the purpose of the recently released Integrated Perspective Infographic. An online resource that is now available for school leaders and educators of the Jesuit Global Network of Schools, to assist them in their efforts to integrate the contemporary documents of the Society of Jesus through the daily actions of Jesuit Education Networks and Schools worldwide.

In order to achieve this purpose, the infographic presents a schematic approach to the documents that describe our contemporary understanding of the goals and characteristics of our schools today:

  1. A Living Tradition: with the 10 global identifiers that describe the characteristics of a Jesuit School today.
  2. The 4 Universal Apostolic Preferences that Pope Francis has entrusted to the Society, as a way in which we can better serve our mission in the next 10 years within the Church.
  3. The 13 actions that Jesuit Education Delegates agreed in 2017 in Rio de Janeiro as our response to the current challenges and opportunities.
  4. The Human Excellence document that describes the 4 Cs which capture the person we invite our students and educators to be: persons of Competence, Conscience, Compassion and Commitment.

While showing the way in which they are interrelated and contribute to the current Mission of the Society of Jesus “Companions of Jesus in a Mission of Reconciliation and Justice, reconciliation with God, within humanity and with creation”, the graphic also includes some important elements of our contemporary way of proceeding in education which can also be found in these documents: conversion, discernment, collaboration, networking, intellectual depth and Ignatian Pedagogy.

Today, we are inviting all the members of our Global Network to get to know the infographic, navigate over the different sections, see the relation between the elements and invite other companions to reflect together on how we are contributing – or can effectively contribute – to our Universal Mission through our daily actions.

This infographic is an invitation both to dream and to walk the talk…

Visit Educate Magis to access the Integrated Perspective Infographic. There you will find the interactive and printable versions, plus a poster version to help your educational communities to take part in this ongoing exercise of discernment.