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The second module of the Leadership programme (ILP) took place from March 21st to March 25th in Loyola, Spain.  Our learning community of 15 participants and 5 planning team members met together for one week to address the topic, “Called to Lead Others”. (Unfortunately, some participants had to cancel because of Covid).

The third module is scheduled to take place from October 17th to October 21st 2022 in Malta. The theme of the module will move from reflection on our groups and communities to the institutions as organizations. Between modules participants have been assigned some homework – they have been invited to start reflecting on how they might initiate a discerning process in their own schools.

The course continues to be warmly received by the participants. The JECSE executive team  together with the organising committee of the course, prepare an evaluation of the ILP in order to present the conclusions of this pilot programme to the Delegates and the JECSE Board. This will form the basis for a proposal to continue this programme in Europe in future years.