In this article we are delighted to share an interview with Leonora Flanagan, English teacher at Istituto Sociale school in Italy, who participated in the Ignatian Global Citizenship facilitator-led global course. This facilitator-led global course is a new synchronous global learning experience for Ignatian educators. A new course modality that gives members of our global community the opportunity to learn together as a global group of learners coming from other schools and countries around the world.

We would like to thank Leonora for sharing her learning experience with other members of our global community through this interview. Thank you Leonora!

Q1. Which of the topics covered in this course most interested you during this group learning experience? And why.

All of the lessons were extremely interesting but the one that really stood out for me was Human Rights and Global Goals. It made me aware of how uninformed I actually was about the term Human Rights and then showed the work currently underway to address the lack of human rights globally. Participants on the course had varying experiences of Human Rights work with their students and these stories were awe inspiring.

Q2. Did you feel you gained a richer or deeper understanding of this topic by reflecting on and discussing it with a global group? If so, please explain.  

Absolutely.  In our group there were participants from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It was a privilege to listen to the experiences from teachers working in schools very different from my own.

Q3. Was this your first time taking a course related to “Ignatian Global Citizenship” as a global group? Please explain your experience.

Positive.  The course was very well supported by the facilitators and by Educate Magis and organised in very relaxed and friendly way.  The content provided in each lesson was good including videos and infographics so a focused discussion was easily stimulated.

Q4. What other takeaways would you like to share with other educators who might be thinking of taking this course?  

It’s a great opportunity to connect with educators from other parts of our global schools network and thereby gain a special insight into the depth of knowledge and expertise that we have as Ignatian educators.