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The Blanquerna-Universidad Ramon Llull Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences and the Jesuïtes Educació Foundation are organizing this symposium (4-8 July 2016) with the core idea of sharing with the world the experiences of educational transformation that are underway in Barcelona. The goal is to position Barcelona as the intelligent, interesting city that it is, but one where education is advancing the most: Barcelona as the world capital of the transformation of education: a holistic education of the individual.

The participants can learn first-hand about the experiences and study their applicability. Transformation is possible; we can learn about successful experiences and find out how they happened. The most interesting models of public and publicly-subsidised and private models will be visited, along with experiences of transforming individual schools or networks of schools. We will also examine experiences at different levels of education, either more global ones or more one-off experiences in preschool, primary and secondary education.

The programe is a proposal for a first-hand experiencing transformation, to know the methods and conversing with the agents of change and with students in order to gather the most interesting ideas. We also want the participants to discuss and debate the change. The participants will come from schools from all over the world that are interested in change and innovation and which are interested in developing a network among themselves.

Who may attend the Symposium?

This Symposium is intended primarily for principals and teachers of schools and educational institutions that innovate and change.

For more information on Registration and the Program please visit the Symposium website

Barcelona Symposium - writing

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