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Feb 7th, 2019

The students of 4th ESO (10th graders)  of the Jesuitas Clot School of Barcelona (Spain) have participated during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 courses of the ERASMUS + project “MIGRATIONS, CHALLENGE FOR THE 21st CENTURY”.  The project has been so interesting and rewarding that we plan to continue with it the next school years.

The topic of Erasmus is migrations from three different points of view: local, regional and global.  Moreover, the approach to the subject has been that all of us, in different ways or perspectives,  are the result of migratory processes. With this in mind, we have achieved a personal bond of each student with the project based on their family history.

The participating schools have been these:  from Belgium, Saint Jean Baptiste of Wavre Institute; from Germany, Gymnasium Rheindalen of Monchengladbach; from Italy, Istituto Archimede of Rosolini and , from Poland, Gymnazjum Mistrzostwa, of Rybnik.

The international mobilities have  been the following:

·  October 16: 1st   transnational meeting in Belgium.  Beginning of the project and web page of the project creation.  You can click in the link to know more about it and see what we have done ( .

·  February  17: Project week activities in Italy.  Visit of different  NGOs that work helping and hosting refuges in the Sicilian area.  Video and photograph workshop.  Interviewing migrants in refugees shelter.

·  May 17: 2nd transnational meeting in  Barcelona.  Migrations concepts and reasons, questionnaires creation and data analysis, visit to the NGO  Migrastudiumi , round table with different migration agents.  The Lampedusa Cross.

·  October 17: Project week in Poland.  Visita to Auschwitz and Museum of History of migrations in Germany.  Sport as an integration tool workshop.  Society activism in migrations topic.

·  March 18:  Project week in   Belgium.  Visit to the Europarliament, talk with Belgian Euromembers about global policies.  Visit to multicultural area in Brussels.  Visit to the European History Museum and  to the “platform” of social activists involved in helping refugees in Brussels.  Conference about the “jungle” in Paris.

·  September 18: 3rd  transnational in Germany .  Web feeding: webgraphy, bibliography, glossary.  Conclusions and summary of achieved goals. Integration workshop and comparison of different integrative tools in our schools.  Roundtable: political perspectives to the integration of migrants in Germany.

The students have participated in various activities: talks about “The walls of shame” and the Aquarius;  workshop “from complain to action”, visit Migrastudium ,; see the play “The doctor of Lampedusa”, a vital testimony of Dory Steinheimer and the photo exhibition on Open Arms. These activities have complemented and enriched their Research Projects on the subject MIGRATIONS.  These projects have studied different topics such as Women and Children Migration, the South Border, Climate Migration, History of migration in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain; the reality of migration in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain today, among others.  The conclusions of all these research projects have been uploaded to the Spanish folder of the Migrations project webpage.

In November 2019, at the Jesuitas El Clot school, we celebrated the end of the project, with an act shared in the School Library, where the students explained what they have done during these two years, and the conclusions of the project with a talk on migratory phenomena by Chema Vera, Director of Intermon Oxfam in Spain. Our goal, from now on, is to continue working on the subject of MIGRATIONS with the students in the tutorial programs, especially in “It depends on you”.  For this reason, we have already started looking into our family history and organizing a social collaboration of volunteers with Open Arms Foundation and Migrastudium.

We hope this project is interesting to you.  If you would like to know more about it, you can check our web page or contact us by leaving a message in the box below.