By Secretariat for Education
Jun 9th, 2016

The International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE) met in Rome from May 25 to 28. The annual meeting is an opportunity for the six regional delegates, the Secretary for Education and the assistants to the Secretariat to come together, share the state of Jesuit Education in the world, the projects of the secretariat and discuss initiatives that can support the construction of the Jesuit School network.

The meeting took place at the Secretariat office of the General Curia of the Society in Rome.

Important topics for this meeting were:

(1) the upcoming International Congress of Jesuit Education Delegates (JESEDU-Rio2017), October 2017 and its virtual version beginning in March 2017. We see JESEDU as an opportunity that will allow us to work on a global agenda to strengthen the international network of Jesuit Schools.

(2) Educate Magis: the commission had the opportunity to discuss the current development of this project aimed to connect schools and allow for collaboration at service of the mission.

(3) A New Document: The New Signs of the Times: the commission continued the discussion of the new document that can assist Jesuit schools in their continue effort to respond creatively to the always changing context our schools. A draft will send in a few weeks to experts from all regions to obtain feedback before a more definitive version is open for feedback from all through Educate Magis.

(4) The commission began a conversation around how the associated/partnered/endorsed/companion schools are classified in each region. We hope next year to have a map of the way these names are used and find some common language for all.

ICAJE Members at the Rooms of St. Ignatius in Rome  (small)
ICAJE Members at the Rooms of St. Ignatius in Rome. From left to right: Hugo, Dan, Rafael, José, Marie-Thérèse, Joe, Johnny, Sunny, Willam (Bill).


José Mesa, SJ – Chair, Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education

Dan Carmody – Secretary, Assistant to the Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education – Global Initiatives

Rafael Galaz – Assistant to the Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education – Special

William Muller, SJ – Delegate for North America, Director of the JSN

Marie-Thérèse Michel –Delegate for Europe, Director of JECSE

Sunny Jacob, SJ – Delegate for South Asia, Secretary for JEA

Hugo Alexis Morales, SJ – Delegate for Latin America, President of FLACSI

Johnny Go, SJ – Delegate for Asia Pacific, Secretary for Secondary Education JCAP

Joe Arimoso, SJ – Delegate for Africa, President of JESAMED

Photos: JESEDU Communication

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