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By Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy SJ
Aug 28th, 2018

Lt. Col. Prateek Sandbhor addressed us on this our Independence Day. He commenced by saying that Independence Day is an occasion to celebrate one’s homeland, patriotism and of course freedom.

For families of soldiers, Independence Day is a day espousing patriotism and duty. But the day is also an emotional reminder of the sacrifices which come along with it. When the entire country is home celebrating Independence with family, shielded from external threats, the soldier is away from family, defending the country at its frontiers.

What runs as an undercurrent to the experiences of being a soldier or a member of a defense family is – Sacrifice. It is essential that we utilize this day to remember the struggles of our freedom fighters and appreciate the freedom that we have taken for granted.

We at Mumbai are lucky and gifted with restful and peaceful lives. Our very own soldiers are protecting us at the frontiers. There is nothing more touching to those brave men than our appreciation and gratefulness for the tough lives they lead while protecting us.

He reminded the students to question themselves as to, what they give the country rather than what the country gives them? He further said that we Indians must value our freedom. He gave a strong message to all of us present and fortified it by saying Firstly, WORK HARD Secondly, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS , TEACHERS AND PARENTS and Lastly, MAINTAIN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with those whom you interact. He concluded with the Patriotic Song – Kadam Kadam Badhaye jaa…….. JAI HIND!