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In this article, Xavier Jesuit School in Cambodia shares experiences of their students participation on the virtual choir for the II Colloquium-JESEDU Global 2021.

Last June 28th, four (4) of our students, Kong Kimheng, Chandy Yury, Cheay Dane, and Chhunly Nisa, took part on the opening program of II Colloquium-JESEDU Global 2021, led by Jesuit Asia Pacific Conference (JCAP). The XJS Choir’s month-long training was done under the guidance of Ms. Katherine Cheung and Ms. Jungsoo Huh.

Participating in a virtual choir was quite new for the students. Initially, they found it challenging to hit the right notes while smiling in front of the camera. Dane, Grade 9, shared that she was so nervous to sing in front of the camera. She said, “It’s my first time to record myself singing. When there’s no camera, I can easily reach the notes but [with camera] my voice shakes.”

Another thing that was difficult for them was putting their hearts on to the song as they are all from a different religious background. But Kimheng, Grade 5, shared that, “We may not know who God is, but we know that you teach us love every time.”

The students were totally impressed with the amount of people watching them sing as the video was being livestreamed via Zoom. They felt so thrilled to see students from other countries singing the same song in their native language.

In the end, the XJS Choir and their mentors, Ms. Katherine and Ms. Jungsoo would like to express their gratitude to those who organized and participated in this event. This perfectly captured the solidarity, love, and servitude radiating from the members of Jesuit schools around the world.

In everything, love and serve the lord. ក្នុងគ្រប់កិច្ចការស្រឡាញ់និងបំរើព្រះជាម្ចាស់។


This article was originally shared in Xavier Jesuit School’s Newsletter