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We are happy to announce that II COLLOQUIUM JESEDU-Global2021 will be held later this year as a purely online global event.  It will be an international gathering for the leadership teams of our Jesuit schools just like the first Colloquium, which, you will recall, was held in Boston, USA in 2012. 

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, this virtual colloquium replaces the II COLLOQUIUM JESEDU-Jogjakarta2020, which was supposed to transpire last year. 

II COLLOQUIUM JESEDU-Global2021 will be held from June 28th 2021 to July 2nd 2021 with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous sessions. 

Approximately 500 participants from the six conferences of the Society of Jesus, the Secretariat for Education and ICAJE (International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education) are expected to attend.  

 The registration for this event starts in January 2021 and will again be by invitation.

 The Colloquium theme will be “The Global Jesuit Network of Schools: Discerning for a Hope-Filled Future”.

The Colloquium will have four strands:   

  • Educating for Faith 
  • Educating for Depth 
  • Educating for Reconciliation 
  • Educating for Global Citizenship

The Colloquium will be hosted by the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE) and organized by the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) with the Steering Committee based in the Philippines, and with the support of the Secretariat for Education of the Society of Jesus and Educate Magis.

 JESEDU-Global2021 will be designed as part of our ongoing discernment called for by the document “Jesuit Schools: A Living Tradition in the 21st Century.” 

 Watch out for announcements and more details–especially from your Education Delegates.


Official document here.