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As many of you know, Educate Magis is firmly committed to supporting the training of staff in Jesuit and Ignatian schools across the globe. A crucial component of our training offerings are our online courses, which are already well known to the global community and have recently undergone major updates in format and content (see Online Courses).

This month Educate Magis is pleased to be hosting a new, exciting and inspiring training experience on Ignatian Pedagogy for Jesuit school educators“Masterclass in 21st Century Ignatian Pedagogy”. This is a private (fee-based) initiative organised by members of our Jesuit networks in Asia Pacific and Europe (JCAP and JECSE), but we really wanted to share the good news with the community. This is the first time an initiative of this nature is hosted by Educate Magis, and we hope it will not be the last. In fact, it is our desire that eventually this learning experience will be replicated and opened for other members of our global community who wish to participate.

Over 500 educators from Asia-Pacific and Europe will participate in this self-paced, online course. The course is divided into seven classes and each class has two online coaches assigned, and similar to other Educate Magis courses, participants will be invited to share their reflections and engage in discussions with their fellow classmates.

This three-module course is a companion to the book with a similar title, Learning by Refraction: A Practitioner’s Guide to 21st-Century Ignatian Pedagogy, written by Fr. Johnny C. Go SJ and Rita J. Atienza and published in 2018, on the 25th anniversary of the publication of Ignatian Pedagogy: A Practical Approach (1993).

This workshop provides a deep dive into Ignatian Pedagogy using the approach of Learning by Refraction. It is suitable not only for those who are new to Ignatian Pedagogy, but also to veteran practitioners who are seeking a refresher course.

The course consists of eleven pre-recorded lectures of about 30 minutes each. They are grouped into three modules listed below. The pre-recorded lectures are designed to be interactive–with pauses located strategically to offer the viewer an opportunity to reflect or respond to questions. The course also includes an introductory module, in which the participants can get to know more about the course and their fellow learners.

  • Introductory Module to the Masterclass.
  • Module 1: Designing 21st-Century Learning in the Ignatian Tradition. 
  • Module 2: Designing for Empathy and Engagement. 
  • Module 3: Designing for Excellence and Empowerment.