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By Líneas de Fuerza - LdF
Nov 20th, 2020

The Guidelines for and Evangelizing School team presents the foundations to this year’s theme and some resources of the Guidelines for and Evangelizing School (LdF 2020-2021) project. This is the third year in the six-year cycle in which they have worked some keys of the Ignatian spirituality in the schools.


Guidelines is present in our schools as is usual every year, to help us to live a new school term with meaning and purpose. This time the motto is “embracing YOU” and the sub motto is the well-known Ignatian phrase “a fire that kindles other fires”.

While contemplating the Incarnation, the Guidelines’ team invites us to look at the world, a world full of contrasts and contradictions, which calls as well as attracts us to get to work on it.

What if a tiny light could generate the spark that ignites the world?“. A light that needs to be embraced to lighten the world around us. That light, which is Jesus, compels us to embrace others. A spark ignites in us and in others the desire to embrace those who get close. A spark which makes us more compassionate, encourages us, makes us more conscious of the world and competent to change it.

What can we do about this complex world? Guidelines’ current season deals with the question:  “Couldn’t there be a better plan to optimize resources and to call upon scholars to solve Humanity’s problems?” God’s plan was different: to radically get close Himself. The Holy Trinity sent One of them, the Son. God wanted to risk Himself (and not to impose) in true fragility. He wanted to become one of us, to show how He made flesh, to be God-with-us.

Then, this year we have to embrace HIM to embrace everyone. Happy embracing school year!


In this document we invite you to read about the Foundations to this year’s theme of the Guidelines for and Evangelizing School (LdF 2020-2021).

We invite you to download these posters on the theme of EMBRACING YOU – A fire that kindles other fires” for Primary School students, and “EMBRACING YOU – A fire that kindles other fires” for Secondary schools. Both are part of the Guidelines for an Evangelizing School (LdF 2020-2021) Project. To download these resources in Spanish please follow this link “Líneas de Fuerza para un Colegio Evangelizador”

Who we are

“Líneas de Fuerza” (literally, “lines of force”), “Guidelines” in English is a team of lay and Jesuit educators who work as a network for the schools of the Society of Jesus in Spain and in Portugal missioned to put together these “Guidelines”, which also has a second name: “for an evangelizing school” because its work is not only rooted in Ignatian Spirituality but also includes faith-formation activities that focus on the Gospel of Jesus. To read more about this great project go to this link Guidelines for and Evangelizing School – “Líneas de Fuerza” (LdF)