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By Loyola Jesuit Secondary School
May 20th, 2016

Loyola Jesuit Secondary School staff and students start off second term by a great climb to the top of nearby Mount Kasungu.

MK 1

LJSS students and staff begin early Friday morning 15 January 2016 to climb Mount Kasungu

MK 2

It’s a long ways to go across the fields and up the hills – to top of Mount Kasungu!

MK 3

Resting half-way up, with half-way still to go!

MK 4

Looking for the path somewhere along this way….!

MK 5

A little help from a friend as the top is very near!

MK 6

The beautiful view of LJSS campus, seen from atop Mount Kasungu

MK 7

“We made it!” say tired but happy students and staff atop Mount Kasungu!

MK 8

LJSS Chaplain Ken Simalalo, S.J., offers prayers of praise and thanksgiving atop the mountain

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