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By Gellért Merza
Nov 25th, 2016

The General Congregation 36, which gathered over 200 Jesuits from around the world from the 2nd of October until the 12th of November, has come to an end. During this time a new Father General of the Society of Jesus was elected; Father Arturo Sosa from Venezuela. After his election the delegates discussed various themes, including Jesuit education. Fr. José Mesa SJ, from the Secretariat for Education asked delegates involved in secondary education what message they were bringing home to their schools from GC 36. Through reflections from different parts of the world as well as Fr. Arturo Sosa’s own thoughts a powerful message has been captured in this video. 

“All who participate in this educational task are called to be ministers of reconciliation” proposes Fr General A. Sosa in the video.

Fr. Mesa encouraged all of us who work in Jesuit schools to “truly educate in the spirit of hope and joy”.

Let us all be inspired by the words of the delegates from GC 36. We invite you to view and share these videos in your educational communities. 

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