What is human dignity? What are our shared values? Why should everyone be treated equally?” The current lesson is in a sequence of five lessons on peace and social justice created by Fernando Reimers, for grade 8 students.

In this lesson, students will explore the concepts of human dignity, social dilemma, etc., and understand the nature of humanitarian acts. Lastly they will reflect on what they can do as bystanders

In Grade 8, students will explore the theme of injustice: what it means, how it manifests in everyday life, and how it contributes to larger social dynamics. Students will also evaluate our shared values, discuss why it is important to ensure equality among all people, and brainstorm ways to promote equality and justice in their own lives

We invite you to download this lesson plan by clicking in this link “G8 – L3: What is human dignity, What are our shared values, Why should everyone be treated equally”, and to explore other lessons for grade 8 students in the Classroom Materials section on Educate Magis.