Fr. General Arturo Sosa SJ has missioned Fr. Sunny Jacob SJ from Jamshedpur Province, India to two important new international assignments. First, Fr. Sunny has been appointed part time assistant to the Secretariat for Education (Secondary and Pre-secondary) of the General Curia in the area of mission and identity. Second, Fr. Sunny has been assigned to the Educate Magis team as a Jesuit Education Specialist in the area of faith formation.

Fr. Sunny brings important experience and expertise to his new responsibilities after seven years as the Secretary of the Jesuit Educational Association of South Asia (JEASA) where he has provided an inspirational leadership not only to the Jesuit schools but also to the Catholic schools of this Conference as they navigate the difficult challenges of their cultural and political context. Fr. Sunny has also actively participated in ICAJE (International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education) and heartily contributed to the ongoing process of renewal and discernment as they have been discussed in the cycles of global gatherings and the recent document A Living Tradition (2019). No doubt, Fr. Sunny will significantly contribute to the Secretariat and Educate Magis with his generous creativity and energy to continue the living tradition of Jesuit Education as we discern how to best respond to our current challenges and imagine new ways to serve our mission of reconciliation and justice using innovative means allowed for the developments in education, technology, and communication.

We are also grateful to Fr. General Sosa for the support and trust that he places in the Secretariat and Educate Magis as he appoints somebody of the caliber of Fr. Sunny to help us go deeper into the mission, identity and the service of faith that define our education and constitute the real raison d’être of why we engage in education.