CAIC PortugalFr. José Alberto Mesa, the Secretary for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education for the Society of Jesus participated in the annual JECSE (Jesuit European Committee for Primary & Secondary Education) meeting held in Rodízio, Portugal from 25th to 28th November. During his stay he visited the three schools of the Society of Jesus in Portugal: Caldinhas, CAIC and São João de Brito. 

In CAIC, Fr. Mesa talked to teachers about the challenges and the boundaries of education in the Society of Jesus and, in the wake of Christian humanism, stressed the importance of character formation with a view to an informed piety (“docta pietas”), a distinctive trait of good citizenship. Recalling the words of Pope Francis, Fr. Mesa reminded the teachers not to fear innovation, because education addresses a changing generation, which requires an education system that adapts to these changes, forming men and women who are competent, conscious, compassionate and committed. He also pointed out that technological development must not be sidestepped in education and that educators in general should use the technological tools available to them, putting themselves at the service of faith, the promotion of justice, the care for the environment, all these in dialogue with others.

The article appeared in the CAIC “Olarilas” Newsletter on the CAIC website.