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By Colleen H. Adams
Feb 14th, 2018

At Fairfield Prep’s Thanksgiving Prayer Service in the fall, theology teacher Ms. Kathleen Jackson introduced the Global Red Chair Project (GRCP). The GRCP was launched last year to raise awareness about the right to education and the fact that millions of youth continue to be denied this inalienable right. This year, Jesuit schools have committed to going deeper (Magis) by exploring the root causes and consequences of this lack of access.RedChairGroupFairfieldPrep

Our school is joining other Jesuit schools in the effort to draw attention to the fact that approximately 264 million children around the world do not have the opportunity to attend school primarily due to war, genocide, famine, poverty, climate change, and gender discrimination. Because of our participation, the Prep community will be eligible to receive the “Global Citizenship Red Chair Contributor Award.”

Fairfield Prep’s Red Chair was designed by the school’s Art Club (moderated by Bob Fosse-Previs) to raise awareness of the root causes of the lack of educational access. Because The Red Chair serves as a figurative symbol of the millions of children who, literally, do not have a seat in a classroom, Prep is conducting an awareness campaign through May 1, 2018, The Red Chair will circulate into a different classroom, and will never be occupied.

Mrs. Kathleen Jackson spoke on behalf of the project, urging student support: 

“And so I say to you, my Fairfield Prep brothers and sisters, what will you think to do when you see that Red Chair? You are presented with an amazing opportunity to change the world with your ideas! The hope with this Red Chair Project is that it will create a stage for your young inspiring minds to make the important links putting fresh ideas to work in the real world. So, how do we overcome all the obstacles, the nay-sayers, the pessimism? You start with an attitude of gratitude, an appreciation so deep that it drives you to help those who can’t help themselves. So thankful an attitude that you feel it your duty & moral obligation to speak out for those with no voice, to stand up for those being oppressed, to innovate in order to make the world a better place!”

Watch Prep highlights of Ms. Jackson’s presentation about the Red Chair initiative, including comments by Finlay Mangan ’19 who represented the Art Club.