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The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) has designed Eyes to See: An Anti-Racism Examen, which focuses on matters of race and racism that are specific to us and these institutions. Consisting of three parts (a video, a guided Examen, and resources for further discussion), it has been developed as a resource for boards, senior leadership teams, faculty, staff, and mixed groups of college/university colleagues. Flexible and adaptable, it can be tailored to suit the needs of leadership teams, faculty and staff members in Jesuit schools.

The guided Examen is a rich resource which motivates further reflection, assessment and planning. Many thoughtful conversations and creative initiatives on race are underway within and among Jesuit colleges and universities.

“The central visual element of the Anti-Racism Examen is a 15-minute long video featuring the voices of colleagues from across the AJCU network, sharing their experiences with racism and hopes for the future. Framed as a “Composition of Place,” it shows still photographs of students, faculty, staff, administrators and Board of Trustee members across our institutions. It can be viewed on its own, or as a tool during the guided Examen.”

All resources for Eyes to See (including a Leader’s Guide for the Examen) can be found on the AJCU website: ajcunet.edu/eyes-to-see. For more information, please write to mission@ajcunet.edu.