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Colégio Santo Inácio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has developed a two week exchange program and would like to invite Jesuit schools to participate. If your school is interested please read the details below and contact Luciana Aché at serprofissional@santoinacio-rio.com.br

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, its mountains, its language, its music, its culture, its people, its life!

Objectives of the Exchange Program.-
›To present the story of our city, its culture, arts and language, through a varied program, specially organized for the group.
›To show the student the real Brazil, with its social dimension, its contrasts and its joy.
›To involve the international student in the Brazilian family interaction and in the school environment, creating bonds and personal connections.
›Pedagogically, Santo Inácio School will follow its educational objective, which is to form men and women that are competent, conscious and committed  in compassion.

The Exchange Program.-
›The schedule presented is a suggestion, based on the four objectives mentioned previously. It is open to change or debate.
›The duration considered was two weeks, but this can also be arranged according to each school’s needs and characteristics, as well as the time of the year it would happen.
›It includes morning activities, that will take place in the school, and afternoon activities, which will happen outside, always accompanied by a teacher or counselor.
›We will select 15 Brazilian students to participate on the program. The families of the students that will go to the exchange program will host the 15 foreign students during their stay in Rio.
›During the weekends, our families will include and welcome the students in their activities.

Santo Inácio School.-
›The school belongs to the Jesuit Education Network, with 14 schools in Brazil.
›It was founded in 1903.
›Total amount of students: 4.000, considering 2.950 in the regular course from 6 to 17 years old; and 1.050 students enrolled in youth and adults or professionalizing courses.

The Schedule.-

day 1 Monday
Visit to the school facilities.
Program presentation.
Lesson 1: Rio de Janeiro – a historical approach.
Visit to the Historic Center.
day 2 Tuesday
Presentation of the project proposal.
Group separation and beginning of discussion and preparation.
Lesson 2: Rio de Janeiro – a sociological approach.
Visit to Favela Santa Marta.
day 3

Lesson 3: Language and Cultural Aspects I.
Classes schedule (Physical Education, Spanish/English, Arts, Workshops).
Free afternoon
17:30:  Meeting at CSI to go to social work at ACMV.

day 4

Lesson 4: Rio de Janeiro – a cultural approach (music, art, food)
Group discussion and project preparation.
Visit to Historic Center, Lapa and escadaria Selarón.

day 5 Friday
Lesson 5: Language and Cultural Aspects II.
Capoeira class.
Musical workshop.
Visit to Instituto Moreira Salles.
day 6 and day 7

Saturday and Sunday
Quality time with the families.

day 8

Lesson 6: Rio de Janeiro – natural and animal aspects.
Stroll to the school woods.
Classes schedule (Physical Education, Spanish/English, Arts, Workshops).
Visit to the Botanical Garden.

day 9

Lesson 7: Rio de Janeiro – a contemporary approach.
Group discussion and project preparation.
Visit to the Museum of Tomorrow and MAR – Rio’s Art Museum.

day 10

Lesson 8: Math and Physics – a practical view.
Classes schedule (Physical Education, Spanish/English, Arts, Workshops).
Visit to FioCruz and the Museum of Life.
17:30: Meeting at CSI to go to social work at ACMV.

day 11

Project presentation.
Lesson 9: Rio de Janeiro – a geographical approach.
CSI’s Farewell.
Lunch at the Northeast Traditions Center.
Visit to the Astronomy Museum.

 day 12

Boat trip at Baía de Guanabara, passing by MAC – Contemporary Art Museum – and Forte São João.
Free afternoon.

days 13 and day 14

Lunch with families and students.
Students’ departure.

To download a presentation of Colégio Santo Inácio Exchange Program please click here.