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School Directors (Headmasters) within the Jesuit Education Network of the new Euro-Mediterranean Province assembled between 10-13 July for a number of working sessions in Caorle, Province of Venice.


On Monday, July 10, the Board of Directors of the Jesuit Education Foundation first approved the budget 2017-2018 and then started by distributing the official documents of the Ignatian Curriculum Guidelines for Jesuit Schools. These have been approved by the Provincial of the new Euro-Mediterranean Province, which includes Albania, Italy, and Malta. The Maltese Jesuit College has now become a member of the Foundation and has participated in these working sessions.

Subsequently, during the first part of its work, the Assembly of the Participants of the Foundation, dealt with the theme of support and accompaniment, which is found in the introduction of these guidelines, underlying the importance of this delicate stage and the need to use appropriate resources.

The whole day of Tuesday, July 11, was dedicated to the study and analysis of the early stages of how to carry out the introduction of the Strategic Planning Guidelines for these schools. The Presidents of the Board of Directors and the School Directors, with the help of Dr. Martinelli (Foundation Advisor), began to experience and reflect on the first steps of Planning: the collection of context data.

The work continued also on Wednesday, July 12, with insights and reflections on the beautiful edition of the Curriculum for the Schools of the Network published by the Jesuit Education Foundation. In addition to presenting the guidelines on the curriculum, the process of networking was also planned for the next scholastic year. Then, those responsible for the General and Administrative Services (RSGA) together with their administrative staff members joined the School Directors.  Particular attention was given to the accompanying phase of the introduction of these guidelines which will be taken care of by the Foundation as is already happening, with success, with the Guidelines on the Apostolic Economic Management.

Jesuit Headmasters meetingOn the last day, a specific session was dedicated to the aspects of school management. Once again, the formula of these meetings, which involves people from all over the Network and who have various functions, is fundamental in the process of building a strong and united network, which can accompany, with energy and patience, the educational work of the participants in the Jesuit Education Foundation.