Continuing with the video series through which Young Jesuits Talk About Ignatius, here we share episode number 7 presented by Christopher Brolly SJ.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to reconcile with one’s own mistakes and sins. In fact, we are often more merciful to other people’s sin than to our own. We don’t seem capable of integrating our fragility and our sin into a life following Jesus Christ. Iñigo de Loyola suffered greatly because of this reality. After his conversion in Loyola, he couldn’t integrate all the evil he had done into his new life. It was only after he realised that what lifts us off the ground and makes us worthy before God is not our own strength, but his infinite love and mercy, that things began to change in his life. He discovered that rather than looking at himself too much, he should look to and trust in Jesus Christ, who came to call sinners.

This video series is a contribution shared by the Jesuit Curia and Voces Esejota. All teachers in our global community are welcome to use these videos in their classrooms to discover together with their students, the life and spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

To watch the videos that have been shared so far, please click here Video Series “Young Jesuits Talk About Ignatius”.

Recommendations to bring the videos to your classroom: Watch in class (4-5 min) or send these videos so that students can watch them with their families. You can be creative and dedicate some minutes in your week to discuss the last episode and see what emerges from the classroom.

Here is Episode 7. Penance and reconciliation. Sinners, yet called,  created by Christopher Brolly SJ.