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By Karina Zapata-Roche
Feb 23rd, 2018

Calling all Jesuit and Ignatian schools from around the world to take part in the Education for All Video Challenge!

Imagine a world where everyone has an education…
– What would the outcomes be?
– What would this world look like?

The Education for All Video Challenge aims to bring these scenarios to life.

Participate in this global competition and enjoy the opportunity to reflect and understand, in a fun way, how education can improve and change the lives of many people around the world.

What is the CHALLENGE?

1. Create a short video telling a story of why it is important for everybody to have access to education (for example; to eradicate poverty, to provide equal opportunities for all, etc.) The more creative and original your video is, the higher your chances are of winning!

2. The videos should be 2-minutes-long and should include your school/classroom´s red chair.

3. Videos must be submitted by May 16th, 2018.

4. After submitting the videos you will be able to vote for your favorite video!

5. There will be an OVERALL WINNER of the Education for All Video Challenge elected by votes (Peoples Favorite) and also REGIONAL WINNERS: Best in Africa and Madagascar, Best in Asia Pacific, Best in Europe, Best in Latin America, Best in North America, Best in South Asia.

6. For more details of how to participate, see the Education for All Video Challenge page.

Education not only gives us the skills and knowledge necessary to survive, it also gives us the power and self-worth to demand our human rights!

If you have any questions on participating in the Education for All Video Challenge, please contact Ciara at cbeuster@educatemagis.org