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By sampa jane d'rozario
Nov 12th, 2019

I must say Educate Magis is truly a resourceful online community. I was introduced to Educate Magis after i joined St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata in 2017. By following a few simple steps I was able to create my profile and ever since I have been extremely glad being in communication with Educate Magis. Our students too have been fortunate to collaborate with other Jesuit Schools in joint through “Connected Classrooms” that facilitated a wonderful exchange of ideas which has helped in shaping their thoughts and values as well as lending a sensitive ear in hearing others. Participating has been convenient due to different time zones provided for different groups of schools.

I must mention that I am extremely thankful to Educate Magis for partnering St. Lawrence High School (SLHS) in “Expression 2019”, a drawing and painting competition organised by the school in association with St. Lawrence Old Boys’ Association (SLOBA). The Competition has received support from not only Peace and Sport like previous years but also from Association Familiale Pierre de Coubertin. The competition had offline as well as online categories. The online category was open to all schools worldwide. Educate Magis has been instrumental in promoting Expression to schools by means of weekly blogs to encourage maximum participation, not just this year but the past two years as well.

Additionally, reaching out to schools worldwide had been an easier task thanks to the access of Educate Magis Directory, which has enabled searching for addresses and emails of various schools for sending invitation mails seeking participation in Expression. After the competition was over, Educate Magis helped in publishing the results online to help schools identify winners of the competition under different categories.

Besides, Expression, Educate Magis also lent their valuable support earlier this year, for Ensemble 2019, a white card initiative to celebrate the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace (IDSDP), for which a White Card Online Photography Contest was held. It required uploading a photograph holding a white card to show support for IDSPD, on social media with the hashtag WhiteCard. The results for the photography contest was also published on Educate Magis as a convenient way to pass on necessary information available for all. .

I am grateful for all the support lent by Educate Magis and also gladly state that being in communication with Educate Magis has been an enriching experience.