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After the colourful video highlighting the global nature of our network What’s the best thing about Jesuit Education? ¿Cuál es el mejor aspecto de la educación jesuita? we are very excited about creating another short video to give us a glimpse into the rich variety of life experiences in Jesuit schools. We invite the creative contribution of students, teachers, Jesuits and other staff from the global Jesuit and Ignatian community to describe “Your school in 5 words”. It only takes a few seconds to create a memorable and inspiring global video that can be shared. We at Educate Magis are very excited about this project as we hope are you.

5 reasons why global community videos are powerful:

  1. We encounter one another in our colourful diversity of cultures, languages, approaches
  1. We get to know faces, voices and “characters” from the community
  1. We inspire each other to dream and tell stories about Ignatian values in our schools
  1. We contribute to and participate in a creative way to build the global Jesuit Education community
  1. Ultimately: we build a strong and collaborative global network of Jesuit Schools worldwide

How to get involved?

If you or your school would like to participate please contact us at Educate Magis and we will send you detailed guidelines for the video. Just a few initial points.

  • Language – please feel free to speak in whichever language you feel comfortable in!

  • Quality – we are not looking for a “professional recording” but aim for a video with good audio and image quality.  

  • Length – the entire video is to be about a minute, so your clip will be just a few seconds. 

  • Timeline – videos to be submitted by 6th June 2016.

We are only looking for a short clip (a few seconds only). So please take out your cameras or phones and enjoy filming.

For more details, please contact Gellért at gmerza@educatemagis.org 
We really look forward to working with you on this project and hope to hear from you soon!