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In response to Laudato Si’ the boys at Donhead Preparatory School have been actively involved in answering the call to look after the environment.

We set up an eco-council that oversees and encourages the boys and their families to act in terms of recycling, wasting water and campaigning for our natural world. We have had boys sponsoring a Polar Bear instead of having birthday presents and we entered the Guinness Book of Records World Record attempt at launching the biggest flotilla of recycled handmade boats.

Additionally, all of the energy, gas and electricity, that the school uses is from sustainable sources and our recent roof renovation including a huge upgrade of the insulation to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of energy we use to heat the school.

The most recent action took place last week, where all the boys in the prep school made a pledge to continue look after the environment, take a peek at some of these!

Together we can keep our world green….Go Laudato Si’!