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“Doing Good : Catalyzing local impact to make the world a better place” is the fifth of five lessons created by Fernando Reimers, developed for grade 12 students.

Through this lesson students will skills to understand the most pressing socioeconomic issues that the world is facing, as well as the underlying reasons that cause these problems. They will also be able to recognise the unique skill set and mindset that needs to be cultivated for creating effective solutions to socio-economic challenges, and analyze and research solutions to socio economic problems (income inequality, climate change, food security etc.) from the perspectives of different stakeholders, such as end users, government, third party beneficiaries etc.

We invite you to download this lesson plan by clicking in this link “G12 – L5: Doing good – catalyzing local”, and to explore other lessons for grade 12 in the Classroom Materials section on Educate Magis.