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Hello I am Pedro Risaffi, the Executive Secretary for the Primary Jesuit Schools Network in Brazil (Rede Jesuíta de Educação Básica) and I am also currently involved in the World Union of Jesuit Alumni (WUJA) youth group in Brazil.  In this opportunity I would like to invite all Jesuit schools within the Educate Magis global community to invite your most recent and engaged Alumni to participate in this research.

The World Union of Jesuit Alumni (WUJA) brings together former pupils or students of Jesuit schools and universities in the entire world in order to build international relationships between these people, to contribute to the mission of the Society of Jesus and to promote the universal dynamic of Jesuit education.

For these purposes, WUJA organizes world meetings of Alumni around themes related to the commitment in the world and the society in the perspective of Christian and humanistic values, as practiced and promoted by the Society of Jesus in its educational work.

With the broad network of member associations, WUJA also launches or supports initiatives for solidarity or development, particularly in the field of education or in partnership with Jesuits.

WUJA wants to federate and mobilize as many Alumni as possible who are sensitive to this dimension of their education and interested in this global dynamic, by reaching them among others via the Alumni associations in the Jesuit schools and universities worldwide and the national structures or local groups of Jesuit Alumni.

Since 2013, an initiative has been created in order to focus on subjects and issues more widely relevant to the youth alumni.  This short survey aims at understanding the participants’ interest or needs and correspondingly suggest activities to the Jesuit Alumni aged under 35 years. It is also designed to explore existing opportunities to strengthen and further develop a solid network of young Alumni inside WUJA.

It will take you 3-4 minutes to respond. Once we have the data, we will share the outcome and thereby effectively work as per the need of each region.  Despite being local, this survey will also address the global need.

Thank you in advance!

To take the Survey please click here