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By Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy S.J.
May 25th, 2019

The British Council conducted a three day workshop for the teachers of St. Mary’s School, ICSE, Mazagaon from the 22nd April to the 24th of April, 2019 from 9am to 4pm. Our Principal, Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy also attended the workshop.

The Facilitators included Ms. Jaswant Palekar (Regional director – Zee Learning – Mount Litera), Ms. Rinu Nargunde (Pyschologist), Mrs. Seema Shaikh (Principal- Pragyna Bhodhini School) and Mrs. Kavita Sanghvi (Principal- Chatrabhuj Narsee School). The facilitators of the workshop are very experienced in the field of education and shared their wisdom, along with various techniques and strategies of effective teaching.

On the first day, the workshop focused on developing and enhancing the Core Skills that the teachers should utilize to facilitate better teaching and learning.

The Core Skills consisted of the following:

• Critical thinking and problem solving
• Communication and Collaboration
• Creativity and Imagination
• Global Citizenship
• Digital Literacy
• Student leadership and personal development.

The skills were elicited through activities like role play, debates, presentations, making display charts etc. The workshop encouraged the teachers to use these activities to inculcate the core skills in their children.

On the second day, the workshop focused on Critical thinking and problem solving which are very much required in our modern society. The teachers were coaxed to imbibe critical thinking in the students through effective questioning and problem solving. This in turn would encourage the students to use unconventional and versatile means to find solutions. The teachers were given various case studies and shown different videos, that exposed them to different perspectives, inventions and teaching strategies. The workshop made the teachers realize the importance of developing critical thinking and problem solving that are required for the student’s over-all development.

On the third day, the workshop focused on making lesson plans which would incorporate and inculcate the Core Skills while teaching in class. Relevant assignments and lesson plan examples were given to the teachers to help them in the same. It was a very successful and fruitful workshop. The teachers were enriched and keen to utilize the Core Skills in their teaching. This will help in contributing to the intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical development of the student, while moulding them to be ‘Men for Others.’

Our staff members express their thanks to the Principal Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy for having given us an opportunity to update and enhance our teaching experience. Surely, this will enrich the quality of education imparted in our school.