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By Jesuit Schools Network (JSN)
Mar 16th, 2016

The Faber, Ricci, and Jogues cohort groups completed the three-year Seminars in Ignatian Leadership program this February. The Jesuit Schools Network wishes them the best of luck as they take what they have learned back to their schools.

Faber Cohort Faber Cohort

Jogues Cohort Jogues Cohort

Ricci Cohort Ricci Cohort

About The Seminars In Ignatian Leadership

The Seminars in Ignatian Leadership is a unique program to develop leaders for the Jesuit high school of the future. The program consists of a three-year cycle with two seminar sessions per year that explores the best of leadership theory and practice from the dynamic world view of Ignatian spirituality, with specific application to the apostolate of Jesuit secondary education.

The program is open to people working in the apostolate of Jesuit secondary education who desire to enhance their roles in the ministry of teaching through outstanding leadership and service as Ignatian educators, whether in the capacity of faculty members, department chairs, program directors or high school administrators. Their participation requires the nomination and recommendation from their president or principal.

For more information, please see our Seminars in Ignatian Leadership page, or contact Bill Hobbs.

Source: Jesuit Schools Network