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By Karina Zapata-Roche
Jun 27th, 2017

Calling all Jesuit and Ignatian Schools from around the globe!

This July we celebrate our roots by showing in a creative, original, and fun way what best makes our schools Ignatian.

The CHALLENGE: Film a video in the style of the Mannequin Challenge. The Mannequin Challenge is a viral internet video style where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a moving camera documents the scene.

Here are some steps to help you with this challenge:

1.  Film a frozen scene that depicts “a day in the life” of your school and exemplifies some of the more essential characteristics of Jesuit education-e.g., magis, finding God in all things, the 4 Cs, men and women for others… The more original and creative the video, the better your chances are of winning this global competition!

2.  The video should be maximum 2 minutes.

3.  Please use your school song or another appropriate short piece of music as the soundtrack for the mannequin challenge.

4.  Submit your video to Educate Magis by either:

(i) emailing the YouTube link to Gellért at gmerza@educatemagis.org
(ii) sending it to Gellért through WeTransfer.

5.  Videos must be submitted by 15th July 2017.

6.  Vote for your favorite videos! You can do this by clicking ‘Vote’ beside your favorite videos. All members have 5 votes. Please do not vote for your own video as this will not be counted.

There will be a GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the MAGIS Mannequin Challenge, and also special awards, such as: People’s Favorite, Best in Africa and Madagascar, Best in Asia Pacific, Best in Europe, Best in Latin America, Best in North America, Best in South Asia.

The mission of the Society of Jesus… is a mission rooted in the belief that a new world of justice, love and peace needs educated persons of competence, conscience and compassion, men and women who are ready to embrace and promote all that is fully human, who are committed to working for the freedom and dignity of all peoples, and who are willing to do so in cooperation with others equally dedicated to the reform of society and its structures.” Ignatian Pedagogy: A Practical Approach

Here are a couple of ideas that might help you to define your school’s Ignatian character.

Is “Cura Personalis” What Best Makes your School Ignatian?
“A day in the life” of your School – capturing the Magis

If you have any questions on participating in the Magis Mannequin Challenge please contact Ciara at cbeuster@educatemagis.org