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By Karina Zapata-Roche
Jun 6th, 2017

Sport has been emerging as a powerful PEACE building tool for some time. For example:

Did you know that in 1971 a ping pong tournament is credited to have led to the restoration of full diplomatic relations between the United States and China?

In a school in Tanzania students were encouraged to play football to overcome social divides between from Asian and African students. This sport inspired them to work together, following the same rules on each side.

Sport is an easy and inexpensive way of breaking barriers.

As a Global Network of Jesuit schools, we invite you to share ideas or experiences of how sport has helped your school or community to overcome conflict and build dialogue and peace.

Share your ideas, thoughts and/or experiences in this conversation:

How has sport helped your school or community to overcome conflict and build dialogue and peace? Share your ideas, thoughts and/or experiences.

Here are more powerful examples of how sport can contribute to peace building:

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This is a perfect opportunity for us to work together as a Global Network of Jesuit Schools. We are committed to sharing God’s work of reconciliation, so don’t hesitate!

Participate in the Drawing Competition “Expressions 2017” a competition meant to harness children’s creativity and perception of “Peace through Sports” through illustrations and sketches. 

The Global Network of Jesuit Schools is a stepping stone by which many more children can be propelled towards becoming ‘ambassadors’ of Peace!

Be part of the peace and reconciliation movement! Artwork may be submitted up until midnight of June 21, 2017 Indian Standard Time.  See how to participate here!

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