By JesCom Zimbabwe-Mozambique
Nov 15th, 2016

Prayer, reflection, corporal works and debates filled the itineraries of St Peter’s Mbare and St Rupert’s High School Christian Life Community members who spent a C.L.C Ruters Weekend in Makonde.

“Ruters” is the name coined as an acronym for Rupert’s and Peter’s (“Ru” from Rupert’s and “ter” from Peter’s). The community gathered under the theme, “Friends in the Lord”, focusing on the importance of being Jesus’ young friends, despite the contemporary challenges one may face.

The students had an adoration meant for an encounter with Jesus, our Friend.

In the spirit of the Year of Mercy, the young people went for corporal works at the hospital farm and later relaxed at a picnic on the Mupfure River bank.

The nature around the river made it more exciting for debates, group sessions where members shared their views on the life of being friends of Jesus. They also looked at challenges and solutions experienced.

clcIn her reflection, Eunice Nyakutanga, from St Rupert’s CLC said she now feels more Christian even though she is a convert.

“In being a CLC member, I find my life in the hands of God and I can see God is everywhere and He is with us. I was not a Christian at first but now I feel very Christian and we must read the bible to have a friendship with God and to be close to him,” Eunice Nyakutanga said.

Issues for reflections evolved around influence of media, peer pressure, secularism, financial challenges, freedom and fundamentalism.

The question, “What is more important, Sciences or Arts?” also dominated the discussions. All are equal and complement.

Student members concluded by expressing the need to share to a wider audience, the experiences thereby agreeing to produce magazines and more exchange visits.