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By Jesuit Schools Network
Sep 9th, 2015

In a recent service project, the boys of Fordham Prep’s Higher Achievement Program (HAP) filled 1,000 backpacks for local children in need as part of the Operation Backpack initiative.  The backpacks were specifically made for children in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten who live in NYC domestic violence and homeless shelters. The students raised more than $12,000 via fund-raising initiatives; they donated $3,000 to Operation Backpack and the rest went to buy backpacks and supplies for the service project.

Link to larger article: http://cny.org/stories/Boys-in-Fordham-Prep-Program-Race-to-Pack-BagsFor… 

Learn more about Operation Backpack: http://www.voa-gny.org/operation-backpack