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By Queen Vincent
Nov 8th, 2019

Educate Magis comes across to me as an educational tool that helps Jesuit students and staff connect with other Jesuit students and staff world over.

Bro Osaretin Jonah (SJ), a former Principal of Jesuit Memorial College (JMC), Port Harcourt, and the ANW Province Assistant for the Primary and Secondary Education told us about the Educate Magis website during the Shared Vision Induction Course (SVIC) held in April 2019 in my organization, Loyola Jesuit College (LJC), Abuja, Nigeria and I decided to surf around it and see how it works.

I began using the Educate Magis website on Thursday, 23rd May, 2019, when I was asked to submit an article on Interreligious Education after which a Connected Classroom on the topic was organized where some of our students were opportune to share their ideas on it alongside other Jesuit students from Colombia, Portugal, etc., more so, Fr. Vincent Sekhar (India) and Fr. Juan Carlos (Pakistan) were the specialists for the day. The participating students and I submitted follow up articles from our reflections on the topic.

Our second appearance on Connected Classrooms was in July, 2019, being St Ignatius of Loyola day’s celebration, where our students were privileged to ask St Ignatius some questions as though he were alive and they also sent their wishes to the world; some of them wished for a safe world where children could become all they want to be.

I like how accessible the site is, and the interesting articles posted from other teachers, educational administrators and students of different faith and backgrounds.

As every venture has its own peculiarities and challenges, I think, I have observed that on some of those days we were in a Connected Classroom, network fluctuates and it affects the video’s audio quality.

I think so many opportunities exist on the website which is why I encourage my students to surf the website for an interesting read and I mobilize them to be in attendance for the Connected Classrooms whenever the opportunity comes.

In sum, it has been an enlightening time being on the Educate Magis platform. I look forward to better days as I keep on using the tools therein to become an intentional teacher.