An Alternative Way to Register Educators on Educate Magis

Over the past year, since the Education Delegates and Jesuit Schools have been working on implementing some or all of the 13 JESEDU-Rio2017 Actions, we at Educate Magis have made this a priority too; by improving our platform in ways we hope will help you.

As we are sure you’ve already seen, one of the improvements we’ve made is to add an interactive JESEDU-Rio2017 Resource Hub to allow people to navigate through the different Actions, to see what resources the community have already shared and hopefully also to submit new resources they and you think might be helpful. We hope that with your help, this resource hub will continue to grow!

In relation to Action #13 in which Delegates commit to “making Educate Magis an integral tool and resource in schools to help animate their global dimension.” We have added a summary table with links and short explanations of the different parts of the platform which we hope is helpful for Education Delegates and all Educators of the schools in our global network to present Educate Magis to your colleagues or faculty members.

We have also offered to do virtual presentations for Principal or Faculty meetings where we walk through the platform and show people how to use all the different tools and resources available and explain how these could benefit the everyday school work. We’ve done virtual presentations like this in different countries around the world, virtually and personally, and would be happy to do more. If you feel this is something you would like to organize in your school/Province please let us know by emailing us at

In addition, we have listened to your feedback and request to make the registration process easier. In order to keep Educate Magis as a safe space where we can share resources, ideas, concerns, perspectives privately, we have an approval process for new members which means we manually approve all the membership requests and make sure the people registering are working in a Jesuit school or educational network/organization or have a genuine interest in Jesuit education. We have now developed a way to automatically approve those who have an email address belonging to a school. So, if you would like to make it easier for staff in your schools to register as members of Educate Magis please let us know!

This is how it works:

– You must have a school email domain, e.g.

– Students in your school must not have the same email domain

– Contact us at and we will set this up in our system so your school domain will be ‘whitelisted’

The result will be:

– Once you register with this school email domain you will be automatically approved and won’t have to wait for your account to be approved by us!

Some of the local networks in our global network have begun using this and found it to be helpful – we hope you will too, and we look forward to together growing and strengthening our global network!

Note: This process is GDPR compliant as you will be asked, prior to registering, to agree to Educate Magis Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.