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By Giulio D'Ercole
Jan 26th, 2017

“Sometimes you don’t understand something until you go through it.”

Alino is a #refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Kampala, #Uganda, where he teaches English at a JRS school. In Kampala, Alino is also well known as a local rapper. He is hoping for a breakthrough.

“Education is key to the future. If refugee kids don’t get education, we don’t see a future for our countries” he says.

Put your #MercyInMotion and support access to education for refugees in Uganda. For more information please click here. 

The #JRS #MercyinMotion campaign aims to provide 240,000 refugee children and youth with access to education by the year 2020. The campaign was launched on 8 December 2015 with the Holy Year of Mercy. To know more please visit www.mercy-in-motion.org

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