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The Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAP) goals prioritize Showing the way to God as its primary concern. Drawing inspiration from UAP and the quincentenary of the conversion of St Ignatius, AKJM Higher Secondary School, Kanjirapally (India) chalked out a plan to advocate the richness of Ignatian spirituality among students. Subsequently, the class teachers shortlisted a couple of students from each class. All such selected students were provided with two themes related to St Ignatius of Loyola. Students submitted the written text to the Vice Principal. Each text was carefully scanned and the quality ones got approved.

Ms Maya Mathew, the Coordinator for Primary section AKJM, refined the language skills of the students for effective presentation. Teaming up with Mr Thomaskutty, the IT head of the school, video clips for each day were prepared. Every morning, the video clips are shared in the website of the school. The class teachers would begin the day in their respective classes with a reference to the 30 seconds shorts for each day. The students were recommended to upload the video clips as their status messages on their personal WhatsApp accounts.

At the outset, the process helped students to be familiarized with fresh avenues of Ignatian spirituality. Among the shortlisted students for presentation, there were a few, who were weak in studies and those who required more care in discipline. Since they had come to the limelight through their shorts, now the entire school appreciates them with great honor. It has amplified their level of confidence and in turn, refined their character. Secondly, the shorts provided Ignatian vocabulary to the learning process among students. In the higher classes, teachers noticed that students have embedded Ignatian vocabulary in their English language composition books. Finally, it educated the entire school to be molded as a team for a meaningful celebration and culmination of the quincentenary of the conversion experience of St Ignatius of Loyola.

Here are 4 of 31 video clips, which will be shared throughout the coming weeks. These video clips were created and shared by AKJM Higher Secondary School students. We hope you enjoy them!