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By Pawel Brozyniak SJ
Jun 29th, 2022

At the Jezuickie Centrum Edukacji w Nowym Sączu we have created a friendly cultural space where both parents and children will be comfortable. There everyone can acquire necessary skills and recharge themselves with energy.

Every Tuesday and Thursday 3 to 5 pm, we organize activities for Ukrainian families to help them adapt to life in Poland more quickly. During those 2 hours, adults and teenagers have Polish classes, enjoy friendly conversations with a cup of warm tea or coffee with sweets, children play sports and board games, and do art.

These all are possible thanks to committed volunteer work of the JCE teachers and students. Seventeen members of our teaching staff and forty students in total have been involved in these after-school activities since the first event on March 15, 2022. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, two more adult groups learn Polish with a non-staff teacher. Thus, at the JCE, five groups are learning Polish. These are nearly fifty three adults and four teenagers involved into learning Polish thanks to the joint efforts of our staff and non-staff members. Meanwhile, 14 small children (below ten years old) participate in leisure activities under the supervision of our volunteers while their parents study.

During the last meeting, one of the parents said that she feels free now when there is a need to talk to the Poles. We are happy to see that our activities bring more confidence and hope to the life of Ukrainian refugees.

Article written by Nataliia Haidysh