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Learning new languages and traveling to distant lands are Zozan’s dreams. In some ways, she has started fulfilling these dreams since she had to flee from her home town as a refugee.World Refugee Day

Zozan was completing her engineering studies when war broke out. Life was comfortable until then. Al- Hasakah was home to an ethnically diverse population of Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Armenians. She is filled with nostalgia as she remembers the home of her childhood and teenage years. A wave of sadness washes over her as she thinks of the violence that has gripped so much of Syria. 

“There is too much of killing; it will take a long time for peace to return to Syria,” she says with teary eyes.

Zozan’s story, which you can read in full here, is another example of the critical situation which thousands of people face today.  We are here to call on your solidarity by spreading the message “We are Brothers of the Refugees”, a message we would like to send out to the world as a global network of Jesuit schools.

Let us spread the message that we welcome refugees and continue to foster a culture of openness and hospitality towards everyone, particularly those who have been displaced.

How can you do this?

FLACSI have initiated another creative competition which consists of publishing a video on Instagram, with the hashtags #SOYH #SOMOSHERMANOS #FLACSI (or your network, e.g. JECSE, JCAP, JSN, JESAMED, JEA), before June 9th.

ALL Jesuit schools are welcome to participate!

See more details on how to participate here

World Refugee Day Awarness

Zozan’s story has been republished from JRS.