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By Educate Magis
Nov 6th, 2019

On the Feast of all Saints of the Society, which is celebrated on November 5th, Fr. General Arturo Sosa SJ announced the release of  “Jesuit Schools: a Living Tradition in the 21st Century – An Ongoing Exercise of Discernment”, a new document launched by the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE) after conversations which began in 2011 among members of ICAJE and many generous companions from the 6 regions of the Society.

“A Living Tradition” is a living text which has three interrelated parts. The first part is a reflection on the foundational documents of Jesuit Education, the second part is the new global reality, and the third part offers 10 Global Identifiers of Jesuit Schools, to help with the reflection on what makes a Jesuit school, Jesuit today.

We invite you to watch the announcements for the release of the document “A Living Tradition” and to download the document available in three different languages:

English version: “A Living Tradition”
Spanish version: “Una Tradición Viva”
French version: “Une Tradition Vivante”


May God continue blessing the important apostolic effort that our schools make to invite the new generations to open their lives to God and embrace the education of the whole person within our humanist tradition. Let us continue the fascinating journey of Jesuit Education today and participate in the conversation that allows Jesuit Education to be always a learning and living tradition.” Fr. José Mesa SJ. Secretary for Education. Society of Jesus